Statement Tableaus

This past spring we had the pleasure of working with a corporate group, who enjoyed their evening break at Press Club San Francisco, where they had tastes and learned more about wine. The Science of Wine. We were asked to create “statement tableaus” where virtues were discerned: Pit fruit, jammy cherries, summer grass, licorice, terroir (that would be dirt), tobacco, and our confirmed personal favorite of the evening, “hot brick.” It was all on the palette, literally and figuratively. We had, a great deal of fun with this project, and it’s a remarkably extraordinary occasion when a floral, magnum opus such as this, travels to a designer’s sketch pad and sourcing list. Swoon, say I, Kate.

Special thanks to the Staging Artists at Kate’s Blossoms and Press Club Staff, Hospitality and Sommelier Magicians!!) Extra special thanks: My Mother, rest in peace, for sourcing and saving all the little dishes and notions, with which we style; to my younger of the brothers, for the cedar he collects during his steelhead trips to the Hoh. We make use of it all….with great thanks!








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