Spring in Full Swing…Roots, Rhizomes, & Botanical Babies

There’s an adage of old in our world of horticulture and design, when it comes to the growth of nature, particularly in one’s garden: Sleep, Creep, Leap. “Sleep” the first year of growth, alludes to the botanical babies planted in the dirt, adjusting to their new home in one’s garden. They just ain’t sure of their transplanting process. They may sway and tip, a leaf may brown, but they generally muddle through, before their winter’s continued sleep. Second year of growth, “Creep” one’s plants will wake up and start to thrive and expand through the garden, horizontally, throwing more roots and rhizomes, finding their way and as you will later see, take up all the room within their reach. Then, you hit year three, “Leap” and on these days, you turn the corner in your garden one fine morning, first of the day’s coffee in hand, and you say aloud “wow, did I plant that?!!?” We have been wonderfully busy and lively at Kate’s Blossoms, designing events and weddings, watching our garden grow, including the growth in our works, along with remodeling and updating the studio and design arena, after a well worn and orchestrated six years in its present location. All good projects, to be furthered, to be shared with additional updates. The first of the garden’s roses are beginning to bloom…take the time to smell them! -Kathleen

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