Springtime Florals & Fashions, March 2017 Marin Magazine

Back in late, cold and rainy January, 2017, the studio and I had the pleasure and remarkable honor to work with Marin Magazine. Our project: the feature of local and regional California fashions & accessories, significant hair and make up styling, and floral head art. This work was featured in the March, 2017 print and digital editions of the magazine.

My Dad always preached on the use of the words “always” and “never.” With that preface, never before, did I employ each and every nuance I learned, and did not learn enough and adequately (HA!!) in my geometry, physics, and design. Each piece, required a whole ‘nother plan, as related to movement and tip of the model’s head, for each image. Gratitude, discovery, collaborative trust and talents, sweat equity, colorful, fresh, playful would be the buzz I’d use to detail this day.

My gratitude and my continued thanks, to these players:

Publisher, Marin Magazine, Nikki Wood; Executive Editor, Marin Magazine, Mimi Towle; Photographer, Maria Del Rio, with Assistant Summer Mason; Fashion Editor and Stylist, Leah Marie Bronson, with Assistant, Kasia Pawlowska; Art Director, Marin Magazine, Rachel Griffiths; Hair and Makeup, Sophie Simoneux; Model, Eloise, Look Models; Floral Designer, Props-Collections, Kathleen (Kate) Cage, Kate’s Blossoms

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Sausalito Wedding, Bar Bocce

Late Winter, 2016. At the studio, we look ahead, with our coordinations and readiness to zoom South through Marin with a van load of flowers, to this year’s wedding days in the seaside town of Sausalito. Flowers and botanicals, vines, branches, and grasses…locally and regionally hand sourced at Mart and picked by Kate on private properties. In addition, the studio continues to include flowers from the 7th year of “serious growth” from Kate’s Cutting Gardens.

Through this early year planning, we look back, at our stylings and celebrations, for inspiration and memories. There were so many things I loved about this wedding, at Bar Bocce, notwithstanding, an adorable couple, who defined kindness, respect, and joy with each other, and all who they hold dear. Our Details: Repurposed maple syrup bottles framing Mt. Tamalpais; Industrial tape helped a lively ring bearer hold the rings in place (LOVE IT!); Photo tree styled on a tower of cupcakes; Mock orange and bee balm; Ceremony altar apple trees whose next stop was the “orchard” at the couple’s home. Love and late summer apple pies to you both, O & K, for all your years to come! Kate


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Statement Tableaus

This past spring we had the pleasure of working with a corporate group, who enjoyed their evening break at Press Club San Francisco, where they had tastes and learned more about wine. The Science of Wine. We were asked to create “statement tableaus” where virtues were discerned: Pit fruit, jammy cherries, summer grass, licorice, terroir (that would be dirt), tobacco, and our confirmed personal favorite of the evening, “hot brick.” It was all on the palette, literally and figuratively. We had, a great deal of fun with this project, and it’s a remarkably extraordinary occasion when a floral, magnum opus such as this, travels to a designer’s sketch pad and sourcing list. Swoon, say I, Kate.

Special thanks to the Staging Artists at Kate’s Blossoms and Press Club Staff, Hospitality and Sommelier Magicians!!) Extra special thanks: My Mother, rest in peace, for sourcing and saving all the little dishes and notions, with which we style; to my younger of the brothers, for the cedar he collects during his steelhead trips to the Hoh. We make use of it all….with great thanks!








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Celebrating…Baby Shower for a Little Boy, at Cavallo Point

Floral design projects involving work with those who shall welcome a wee one into their family, is remarkable, inspiring, and to behold. The good works at the studio this weekend, in honor of Baby L., was no exception. Little one, your arrival includes many sets of open arms and big warm hearts. You are blessed. Special thanks to Baby L’s people, Cavallo Point, La Tavola Fine Linens.







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Spring in Full Swing…Roots, Rhizomes, & Botanical Babies

There’s an adage of old in our world of horticulture and design, when it comes to the growth of nature, particularly in one’s garden: Sleep, Creep, Leap. “Sleep” the first year of growth, alludes to the botanical babies planted in the dirt, adjusting to their new home in one’s garden. They just ain’t sure of their transplanting process. They may sway and tip, a leaf may brown, but they generally muddle through, before their winter’s continued sleep. Second year of growth, “Creep” one’s plants will wake up and start to thrive and expand through the garden, horizontally, throwing more roots and rhizomes, finding their way and as you will later see, take up all the room within their reach. Then, you hit year three, “Leap” and on these days, you turn the corner in your garden one fine morning, first of the day’s coffee in hand, and you say aloud “wow, did I plant that?!!?” We have been wonderfully busy and lively at Kate’s Blossoms, designing events and weddings, watching our garden grow, including the growth in our works, along with remodeling and updating the studio and design arena, after a well worn and orchestrated six years in its present location. All good projects, to be furthered, to be shared with additional updates. The first of the garden’s roses are beginning to bloom…take the time to smell them! -Kathleen

View More: http://sabinescherer.pass.us/ja





















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Married in City Hall, in the City and County of San Francisco

Last autumn, City Hall, in the City and County of San Francisco, a man I have loved, since we were child caterers and chefs, married the love and soul mate of his life. We, the couple’s beloved, were there. As Bloomisphere readers know, I usually detail and narrate, widely and fully, each of my blog posts. I’ll let these images tell their story, quietly, openly, and joyfully. Thank you, Honorable, Lt. Governor, Gavin Newsom. Kathleen-Kate

Bouquet and JewelsHome, getting readyIMG_2948?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

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Personal Flowers, for The Members of the Wedding

bushman-rodriguez_wedding_2034One of “the”questions asked of me when planning a wedding, is, to whom shall the couple give personal flowers and what style of flower shall they be given. Preference, wedding attire, age, and personal style all lead to the multiple answers to this question, and if the flower shall be pinned onto a dress, slipped onto a wrist, or celebrated in the form of a small, English clutch bouquet. And most importantly, if you give a posy to one sister, or one aunt, each member of the “group” at hand, must receive a flower. Kind of like Valentine’s Day when you set out your shoe box that day in class. Part of our wedding services at Kate’s Blossoms is assuring that each flower has a name label, for ease of distribution. And, as most folks can’t recall, one to 45 years ago, how they pinned their flower onto their lapels at their high school prom, we assure that each flower is pinned correct, from the back, and that enough pins are used, and are hidden from the snaps of the cameras. One of the many joys of my job as a designer, is meeting the recipient of each of these little flowers, at a very special and sacred time of celebration for their family. You will see that I am “in” each of these photos, but just a tiny little part of what really shines in these images. Many thanks to Kelly Puleio, Kelly Puleio Photography, for our work together at this wedding, her sixth sense eye with her heart and camera, and for being the inspiration of this post. Fondly, Kathleen




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