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Springtime Florals & Fashions, March 2017 Marin Magazine

Back in late, cold and rainy January, 2017, the studio and I had the pleasure and remarkable honor to work with Marin Magazine. Our project: the feature of local and regional California fashions & accessories, significant hair and make up … Continue reading

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Sausalito Wedding, Bar Bocce

Late Winter, 2016. At the studio, we look ahead, with our coordinations and readiness to zoom South through Marin with a van load of flowers, to this year’s wedding days in the seaside town of Sausalito. Flowers and botanicals, vines, … Continue reading

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Statement Tableaus

This past spring we had the pleasure of working with a corporate group, who enjoyed their evening break at Press Club San Francisco, where they had tastes and learned more about wine. The Science of Wine. We were asked to … Continue reading

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Celebrating…Baby Shower for a Little Boy, at Cavallo Point

Floral design projects involving work with those who shall welcome a wee one into their family, is remarkable, inspiring, and to behold. The good works at the studio this weekend, in honor of Baby L., was no exception. Little one, … Continue reading

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Spring in Full Swing…Roots, Rhizomes, & Botanical Babies

There’s an adage of old in our world of horticulture and design, when it comes to the growth of nature, particularly in one’s garden: Sleep, Creep, Leap. “Sleep” the first year of growth, alludes to the botanical babies planted in … Continue reading

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Married in City Hall, in the City and County of San Francisco

Last autumn, City Hall, in the City and County of San Francisco, a man I have loved, since we were child caterers and chefs, married the love and soul mate of his life. We, the couple’s beloved, were there. As … Continue reading

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Personal Flowers, for The Members of the Wedding

One of “the”questions asked of me when planning a wedding, is, to whom shall the couple give personal flowers and what style of flower shall they be given. Preference, wedding attire, age, and personal style all lead to the multiple … Continue reading

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