Sausalito Wedding, Bar Bocce

Late Winter, 2016. At the studio, we look ahead, with our coordinations and readiness to zoom South through Marin with a van load of flowers, to this year’s wedding days in the seaside town of Sausalito. Flowers and botanicals, vines, branches, and grasses…locally and regionally hand sourced at Mart and picked by Kate on private properties. In addition, the studio continues to include flowers from the 7th year of “serious growth” from Kate’s Cutting Gardens.

Through this early year planning, we look back, at our stylings and celebrations, for inspiration and memories. There were so many things I loved about this wedding, at Bar Bocce, notwithstanding, an adorable couple, who defined kindness, respect, and joy with each other, and all who they hold dear. Our Details: Repurposed maple syrup bottles framing Mt. Tamalpais; Industrial tape helped a lively ring bearer hold the rings in place (LOVE IT!); Photo tree styled on a tower of cupcakes; Mock orange and bee balm; Ceremony altar apple trees whose next stop was the “orchard” at the couple’s home. Love and late summer apple pies to you both, O & K, for all your years to come! Kate


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