Springtime Florals & Fashions, March 2017 Marin Magazine

Back in late, cold and rainy January, 2017, the studio and I had the pleasure and remarkable honor to work with Marin Magazine. Our project: the feature of local and regional California fashions & accessories, significant hair and make up styling, and floral head art. This work was featured in the March, 2017 print and digital editions of the magazine.

My Dad always preached on the use of the words “always” and “never.” With that preface, never before, did I employ each and every nuance I learned, and did not learn enough and adequately (HA!!) in my geometry, physics, and design. Each piece, required a whole ‘nother plan, as related to movement and tip of the model’s head, for each image. Gratitude, discovery, collaborative trust and talents, sweat equity, colorful, fresh, playful would be the buzz I’d use to detail this day.

My gratitude and my continued thanks, to these players:

Publisher, Marin Magazine, Nikki Wood; Executive Editor, Marin Magazine, Mimi Towle; Photographer, Maria Del Rio, with Assistant Summer Mason; Fashion Editor and Stylist, Leah Marie Bronson, with Assistant, Kasia Pawlowska; Art Director, Marin Magazine, Rachel Griffiths; Hair and Makeup, Sophie Simoneux; Model, Eloise, Look Models; Floral Designer, Props-Collections, Kathleen (Kate) Cage, Kate’s Blossoms

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