Carin and Eric, Cavallo Point

I am delighted to share the story from our first, Springtime wedding, celebrated by Carin and Eric at Cavallo Point.  Carin and Eric’s love for one another, and joy shared that day with their family, is what continues to inspire our work. I am grateful for this, and I am still smiling about this wedding.

Our heartfelt thanks to Janae Shields for her talents in capturing all that she did, the pure joy. A picture truly can tell a thousand words. We love Carin’s sassy shoulder strap and bodice on her dress, Eric’s kilt from Scotland, where all good kilts originate, and the loveliness of the Cavallo Point Mariposa Room. What the photos don’t clearly show, is the wind blowing about 15-20 knots, while we set up the Cecile Brunner and Bourbon rose altar with candles and moss, and the bagpipes announcing the start of the ceremony. The winds calmed, just a bit, right before the ceremony. I am glad we had our fleece coats and wool hats. Always bring your coat and hat, and all will be well. Good advice for just about anything. Wishing Carin and Eric continued joy, good health, and happiness.


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