New “Old Friends” at The Payne Mansion, San Francisco, California

I am truly delighted to share today’s posting on The Bloomisphere.  A post where “New, Old Friends” worked together to create a magical wedding day with the bride and groom, for the bride and groom, Rhonda and John.  “New, Old Friends,” what does this mean? It is a term borrowed from Irv Spivak, one of the greatest friends a girl could have, who teaches us all that friendship is a journey.

The day’s wedding festivities began with the bridal parties readying their hair, makeup and beautiful clothing at The Hotel Majestic in Pacific Heights. Built in 1902, it is the oldest, continually operating hotel in San Francisco, and is the only hotel to survive the 1906 San Francisco Great Earthquake and subsequent fires. Cozy, timeless, romantic, great food and drink in the restaurant, and my favorite personal part: the walls of the elevator are painted with scenes of violin playing medieval cats dressed up in velvet suits and pointed hats. Whoa. I had to blink my eyes three or four times after delivery of the personal flowers.

The Payne Mansion, located one block from The Hotel Majestic, hosted both the wedding and reception, and provided continued San Francisco urban elegance.  Besides the fact that the mansion was fully renovated in the past decade, each wooden wall, banister, cove, fully refinished, every single light is on a dimmer. As the evening progressed, we were able to style the room’s mood, accordingly, for Champagne toasts, lively dancing, and animated conversation.

Dawn Silva and Amber Haycock, with A Touch of Grace led us through the day’s activities and the day’s timeline with their grace, indeed, good cheer, amazing smiles, and frequent checking in with all of us, by asking, “is there anything we can do to help you?” Ladies, you are a class act.

Barbara Federoff, of Food Glorious Food lent her southern hospitality and charm, as well as her extended and polished skills as chef, manager, ring leader, and “den mother” to us all. Every time I saw her place a platter of food, open the oven to check the goods, she stopped me in my tracks with the fragrance of her culinary talents.

Let us return to Irv. Irv is not only the event manager at the Payne Mansion, but, an ordained minister, Milestones and Memories, bringing blessings, wisdom, common sense, spirituality, and continued faith to wedding couples and their families, those being christened, and all else who are open to goodness.  There are people who inspire one to do better, and those who make this world better. Irv is at the forefront of these virtues.

Capturing each moment of Rhonda and John’s wedding day, by being at the right place at the right time with an open heart and two sets of keen eyes, we tip our hats to Kate’s newest of old friends, Amoreena Berg and Melissa Burman, Amoreena Photography. Our thanks for sharing these beautiful images of a timeless, wedding day in San Francisco. Until we see you again.

Continued congratulations to Rhonda, John, and your families.

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