Diana and Nate Wed at The Cliff House….with a Touch of Grace

Dawn Silva and Amber Haycock, A Touch of Grace, ask us to be of help with the sweetest brides and grooms, and they pick the best of places for many a couple’s wedding day. Monday, September 5th, Labor Day itself was no exception. The morning greeted us with a very heavy blanket of dense fog, but the afternoon which followed could not have been lovelier. Diana and Nate exchanged their wedding vows on the private terrace of the The Cliff House, and celebrated with a dinner and dancing reception in The Terrace Room, well into the evening with their families and friends.

Other Special Thanks-

-For our work together on wedding day and these perfect, summer wedding images, Jennifer Hosler, Candid Moments Weddings

-Virigina, Masoud, and all the great staff at The Cliff House

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  1. Alleen Balch says:

    Cheers for the Article, its my third time visiting your page and must say it is very informative hope to check back soon.

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