Winter Wedding at Cavallo Point, With Sunshine

A Winter Wedding is not for the faint of heart, nor those who lack adventure sense. One never knows what Mother Nature will share on the chosen wedding day. “The elements” down by The Golden Gate, might include a marine layer, or heavy fog whorling some seriously heavy fog drops. Rain and wind? Could be gentle, or kind of forceful and challenging on the dress hems and ribbons. It’s winter in The Bay Area! Those of us at Cavallo Point, at Kate’s Blossoms, and our clients, know this and embrace it. It’s part of the details which makes the preparation & planning of a winter wedding, from start to finish, a bit more exciting, a bit more memorable, and quite fun.

In late January on a Sunday morning, we were all ready for what may have come our way. And, we smiled as we were greeted with clear sunshine, chilly breezes followed by warm ones from the South, and a chorus of Marin Headlands’ songbirds, including goldfinches, singing their beautiful songs. On the deck of the Mariposa Room, Cavallo Point, an intimate and tender ceremony was celebrated by Jackie and John, their son, their family, and their friends. I don’t think there was a dry eye on the deck. The celebration continued in the Mariposa Room, with a champagne brunch and a carrot cake. Thank you for letting us help you on this special day. Love and congratulations to you.

Kate’s Blossoms had the pleasure of working with Marielle Hayes, Marielle Hayes Photography. She did not miss a detail nor a moment, for Jackie and John to recall with these images, for all time. Continued and fond thanks to each and every, at Cavallo Point.

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