Erinne + Ben = Husband and Wife – Inn Marin, Novato, California

Since late September, with a smile on my face, I have been quietly composing a missive about my work with the couple and the family featured in this post. The details are many and they are wonderful.  Respect, commitment, understanding, joy, gratitude, purity, the components of love, are included in the words I’d scribe into a sentence. And, these families were not shy about showing their love for their daughter, and their son, the bride and groom. That, was very cool.

A flash forward, to this Christmas Eve. My mail box included a card from Helene, The Mother of the Bride. While it could be viewed as “fancy” to share such details, I shall anyway. And shall share with my fond thanks now and always, to Helene, Erinne, Ben, and Aunt JJ — you are why I do and I love what I do.

“…Dear Kate, I wanted to thank you for the absolutely beautiful job you did to create a wedding of our dreams. Simple yet elegant, you used the best of nature, highlighted by your creative flair and completed it with your love. Thank you for your attention to detail, your kind heart, and a wonderful job from the petals to the bouquets to the centerpieces.  I don’t know if you realize what an impact you made and how well you do your job. Happy Holidays, and a healthy and peaceful 2012…”

Also in the mix of this wedding day’s activities-

-The Wedding Venue, The Delicious Food and Beverages, and the Accommodations, Lora, Kris, John, Noe, Inn Marin

The Wedding Cake, Christian Roder, Krumbs Cakes

These Beautiful Images, forever capturing the day, courtesy of Tatum Brook Photography

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