Rehearsal Dinner – The Leland Fly Fishing Ranch, Sonoma

The rehearsal dinner. Traditionally, it is hosted by the groom’s family the evening before the wedding. Its intent and its reason for celebration is to welcome and give thanks to the couple’s bridal party, and select family members.

Here in contemporary times, it can be an intimate or grand event, and it can welcome a wide variety of both local and out of town wedding guests.

Back then and now, simply and fully, it’s a special time for the couple to bring their two groups of loved ones, together as one.

This past September, we had the pleasure of helping Jessica and Dudley with their rehearsal dinner at The Leland Fly Fishing Ranch, Highway 121, Sonoma, California. The talent, grace, steadfastness, and creativity of planner extraordinaire, Kathy Goodman, Well Rehearsed, led us each and every step of the way.

A special cat story, of course: the Ranch is home to two feline residents, Coho and Marlin. All of us vendors who “worked” with the cats that evening, grew quite smitten with their endearing presence and activities. As the Kate’s Blossoms team headed onto Highway 121, at the close of the event, we heard a rustling noise, a prrhty cat trill, followed by a cat jumping into the driver’s seat with Kate. Coho had stowed away in the van and was looking for a road trip. Reluctantly and gladly, we returned her, and will see her again soon.

Many thanks to Laurel for sharing these wonderful images of a perfect summer night. Many thanks, also, to Jessica and Dudley’s rehearsal dinner team-

Kathy Goodman, Well Rehearsed

Laurel, Carrie, and Andy, The Leland Fly Fishing Ranch, Sonoma


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