ITK Culinary – Sausalito, California

Cooking classes for young and old, birthday parties, baby showers and corporate events, rehearsal dinners, catering at sites all over the great Bay Area, this guy can do – Doug Eng, founder, chef, director, and overall, executive ring leader of ITK Culinary (In The Kitchen Culinary). Located next to the public boat launch in the northern part of downtown Sausalito, California, at 300 Turney Street, in the same building as Jeremy’s fine wine room, Wellington’s Wine Bar, ITK Culinary “provides a venue to learn the history and preparation of various cuisines, hold parties/events, enjoy something different besides the dinner and movie thing, or make personalized gifts for your friends and family.” I personally have taken a class there, and did well in this unexpected and most welcome turn of a private party. Doug’s spirit, talent, magic inspires you to get right in there and try. If you’re kind of lacking the confidence, he’ll jump in and get you started with your measuring, whipping, pouring. And, I have had the true pleasure of working with Doug, being his flower girl, at a wide variety of events in his kitchen, at sites, and in people’s homes. Doug, Cheers to you! Katie

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