Simi Winery, Soft October Pinks and Greens

October is one of the loveliest months for a wedding in wine country. Large, rumbling trucks filled with flats of sweet, late harvest grapes keep you company on the roads during wedding-day deliveries, pumpkins and gourds greet you at every doorstep, the weather is warm but not too hot, and event evenings include a roaring fire hearth and ceiling of twinkle lights. It’s my personal, favorite time to design in Sonoma and Napa’s wine country. Also, this wedding included some of the last of the local, heirloom garden roses…Purple Prince, Fair Bianca, and Juliet! A very special group of talented and spirited wedding professionals helped Wendy and Tim with their nuptials: the ever so talented Jessica Boldt, Simi Winery;  Park Avenue Catering; Kimberly Roberts from LVL Events; Christian & Miss Susie from Krumbs Cakes. Special thanks to my sweet friend and colleague Curtis Myers, Perfect Circle Photography with Curtis Myers, for his joy, his talent, and I suppose, a keen, third eye for seeing things which others do not see. The last photo in this post? My beginner’s talent shooting Curtis doing what he does so well. Cheers, Kathleen-Kate













Curtis, October 2012

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