Passionately Pink Peonies, at the Marin Art & Garden Center

When it comes to the magic, beauty, and pure allure of spring peonies, from the fields of Napa, Calistoga, Southern Oregon, and Eastern Washington, I always chuckle to myself as I design these robust, remarkable, and reverent stems into centerpieces and bridal bouquets:  we could style them together with maritime rope and deliver in plastic buckets, and they would still, bring the house down, with sighs and oohs and awes! They are, that amazing. And, of course, we always do a bit more with them, than that, at the studio and on site at weddings!

These lovely blooms were enjoyed at the Marin Art & Garden Center, by Mr. and Mrs. RVC. Congratulations and continued wishes for joy and happiness from all of us on your wedding team: Christy Daly, Allure Consulting; Chris Engel, Insalata’s Catering; Sweet Things.







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