Personal Flowers, for The Members of the Wedding

bushman-rodriguez_wedding_2034One of “the”questions asked of me when planning a wedding, is, to whom shall the couple give personal flowers and what style of flower shall they be given. Preference, wedding attire, age, and personal style all lead to the multiple answers to this question, and if the flower shall be pinned onto a dress, slipped onto a wrist, or celebrated in the form of a small, English clutch bouquet. And most importantly, if you give a posy to one sister, or one aunt, each member of the “group” at hand, must receive a flower. Kind of like Valentine’s Day when you set out your shoe box that day in class. Part of our wedding services at Kate’s Blossoms is assuring that each flower has a name label, for ease of distribution. And, as most folks can’t recall, one to 45 years ago, how they pinned their flower onto their lapels at their high school prom, we assure that each flower is pinned correct, from the back, and that enough pins are used, and are hidden from the snaps of the cameras. One of the many joys of my job as a designer, is meeting the recipient of each of these little flowers, at a very special and sacred time of celebration for their family. You will see that I am “in” each of these photos, but just a tiny little part of what really shines in these images. Many thanks to Kelly Puleio, Kelly Puleio Photography, for our work together at this wedding, her sixth sense eye with her heart and camera, and for being the inspiration of this post. Fondly, Kathleen




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