Christ Episcopal Church-Campbell Hall, Sausalito, California

Translated, our bride’s name means “Laurel,” and the groom’s, “Oak.” As such, these two botanicals were featured in each and every floral design at the wedding of D and J. In addition, the couple’s interest, and a particular vocation, focused on the natural beauty of Marin County’s parks, open space, and headlands. These beautiful features we treasure in Northern California were celebrated with the color green, and with a design style which gathered their flowers, naturally and organically. For our work together on your sunny, winter afternoon wedding, we all thank you, and we wish you a lifetime of joy and happiness: Terry Eberle and her posse at CaterMarin; Jill Branch, and Ann Sakai, Branching Out Cakes; the Clergy, Parish staff and Guild, Christ Episcopal Church.

Photo 1










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