Ralston White Retreat, Mill Valley, California

Surrounded by giant redwood trees and shadowed by magical Mount Tamalpais, this beautiful property was a wedding gift from Ralston White to his bride, Ruth Boericke. Completed in 1915, and home to the White family for many years, this estate now hosts conferences,  meetings, and lovely weddings on the heart shaped lawn. One of Marin county’s greatest historical homes, complete with two families of pileated woodpeckers to keep you company, as they fly over your head, checking your floral designs and stylings. These beautiful photos, courtesy of Linda Russell, Marin County, California. Continued congratulations to C and D!

Bride and Groom with Sparklers

Artsy Parasol

Danielle's Bouquet

Flour Chylde Cake

Cigar Box of Rings

Boxes of Flowers, 2

Boxes of Flowers, 1

Heart Shaped Wedding Lawn

Wedding Ceremony

Mr. and Mrs. Chairs

Vase of Flowers

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