In Loving Memory…

When working with folks who have just lost a loved one, and their need for sympathy flowers, I recall a bit of scripture I learned at South Colby United Methodist Church, a lesson from Ecclesiastes.  It is scripture which most of us have known:  “For everything there is a season and a time for every matter under Heaven…a time to weep and a time to laugh; a time to mourn and a time to dance;”

While many sympathy clients often find us through a referral, no matter what, I am sort of a complete stranger to them, in this work. Our work is intimate, painful, generally very quick, and joyous.  An order for flowers is just one thing on a fairly extensive list of things which must be completed.

While we can take all the time needed, I’ll ask my questions, and take care of things. This is my job, and my honor to help.  I’ll ask-

-Tell me about the person who we are honoring, celebrating, and mourning. Their description will tell me exactly what to bring to the home or service.  I’ll ask an additional question, if the person was young or old?  This painful but necessary question will allow us to assure we approach our design and most importantly, delivery, on the side of celebration, mourning, or a bit of both.

-On what day, date and time are the flowers to be delivered, and to what location?

-After confirming the floral details and wishes, I can give a budget range for the design(s) and confirm what price point to manage for this order.  We can take care of our clients at just about any budget, for sympathy flowers.

My great thanks and my gratitude to those who have allowed me to be of help at a time of passing.

Fondly, Kathleen-Kate

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