A Rose is a Rose, for the Bride and Groom, Cavallo Point

As most of you know, we absolutely love working with clients of, and the entire staff at, Cavallo Point. Each and every time we drive up the long, dramatic driveway to the former US Army post turned Five Star Resort, Kate says to herself with huge gratitude “we get to do this.” Meaning, this is our job and what a place in which to do it!

This past Saturday, San Francisco’s famous summer fog created quite the drippy little rain shower, and the ceremony on the lawn, looking out over the Golden Gate was just going to be too cold.  After much thoughtful coordination with Cavallo’s Six Star Catering Manager, Jessica Winthrop, and the couple’s family, we learned two things: the chapel was available for the ceremony, and marrying in this chapel was a dream come true for The Bride.  As one of the late Martin Fierro’s  trumpet players used to tell me “Be ready to improvise at any time.”  In employing this philosophy for the past 25 years, something very magical happens each and every time you do.


The folks at Kate’s Blossoms know him well, but never worked with him until Saturday’s wedding: Reverend Peadar Dalton. Peadar was ordained as a Catholic Priest in Ireland, immigrated to the United States quite a few years ago, and we learned on Saturday why he has a nation-wide reputation for his own special ministry and spirituality, Celtic style. His philosophy is that the human person is the clearest reflection of the Divine in the world.  As we drove away on Saturday evening, thinking about our work with The Bride, Charlotte, The Groom, Stephen, their parents, including Renee and Dan, Peadar, and all the valet, front desk, concierge, and banquet staff at Cavallo Point, we agree.


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