Boot Hill, Kunde Family Estate

Sarah and Alex, from the Lone Star State of Texas – You were indeed two shining stars in Sonoma’s wine country this wedding season! You and your families are a joy, you have spirit, and I wish you a lifetime of happiness together. May our paths cross again, when you travel our way West, from the South.

Perched high above the Sonoma Valley just where the Mayacamas Mountains begin, Boot Hill, part of the Kunde Family Estate, hosted the ceremony and reception. 360-degree views of the valley, huge oak trees dripping with moss, perfect breezes, flocks of goldfinches and bluebirds playing amongst the vines.  This location took our breath away. Many thanks to Stephanie Franci, Kunde Family Estate, for your welcome to Kate’s Blossoms, and your assistance before and on wedding day.

They, have said, a picture tells a thousand words. I would tend to agree, and share these photos from the magically talented Tiffany and Marita, Adeline & Grace Photography.  Ladies, you won my heart on wedding day, first meeting you while you triangulated the sunlight, dodging behind the wedding altar’s wine barrels with your intuitive light meter, to assure your correct lens angle at the time of Sarah’s walk down the aisle. Good on you.

Christian Roder, Wedding Cakes by Krumbs Cakes, our dear friend and colleague, creates masterpieces in the form of cake. When his van rolls up, you know you are at a wedding, if there ever was any doubt. With your eyes, you can taste each and every bite. It might be a Princess cake, vanilla cake with lingonberry jam and Bavarian cream. Hmmm, maybe it’s my favorite, lemon cake filled with Meyer Lemon filling. Always glad when my bucket of flowers for the cake, is for Krumbs.

My heartfelt and professional thanks to Nicol Turner, Little Blue Box Weddings, with Amanda Harris Schroeder, for seamless and detailed inspirations, directives, timelines, and your continued trust in our services.  You do not miss a beat. Your grace is immeasurable.

Thank you to the talented team at Daydreamer Cinema who so eloquently captured the elegance, grace and joy of the day with artistic vision and videographical excellence. Adorned with professionalism, humor and an affable manner, Daydreamer Cinema was a delight to work with.

Sarah + Alex Daydreamer Reel from Daydreamer Cinema on Vimeo.

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  1. Amanda Schroeder says:

    So gorgeous. Leaves me speechless.

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