Inspiration for Giving – The Marine Mammal Center, Children’s Education

In the early 1990’s, I would help my friend Kathy in her role as the Development Director for Washington Environmental Council (WEC). The Council’s belief and mission, is that all things in the world are better when air and water, are kept clean. My very small part included the preparation of bid sheets and storyboards for the annual, WEC auction, and service as a “spotter” during the live auction. Being a “spotter” is kind of like bird watching, but instead you spot the accuracy of people’s bid numbers on paddles.

At each year’s auction, the WEC would honor environmental heroes & stewards. Usually, the folks celebrated were those who first, single handedly, then with their small community, took on a corporation attempting to dump something horrific into a stream, or clear-cut a piece of forest, where, the trickle down results would have become catastrophic for creatures, fish, and people. One year, somebody a bit more visible in the public eye was honored. Her name is Christine Gregoire, and at that time, she served as Washington State’s Attorney General. I will admit, and regret, I don’t remember the specifics of her achievements being honored that evening. But, what she said during her very gracious, appreciative, and brief thank you speech, has never left my mind and heart. It went something like this: “Thank you for this honor tonight. Being a good steward includes finding other stewards to work with you. So, go to the elementary schools, and start with the first graders.  Show them and teach them how to do things to care for the world we live in and they likely, always will.”

Governor Gregoire, thank you for your inspiration and for your continued public service-Kathleen McEwen, Kate’s Blossoms


Kate’s Blossoms is proud to continue its support of  children’s educational activities at The Marine Mammal Center. Below, a few photos of The Marine Mammal Center’s 15th Annual Gala, held on October 14, 2011 at the historic and beautiful San Francisco Ferry Building.

The event raised $60,000 for the Whale Bus, a mobile, marine science program which visits greater Bay Area schools, and a total of $130,000 to support all the vital areas of animal care, education and research work at the Center.

Continuing the celebration and attention to Angela Haseltine Pozzi’s “Washed Ashore: Plastics, Sea Life, and Art” exhibit, the evening’s floral arrangements were designed in or included, plastics collected by kids during a coastal clean up day.

Special thanks:

Zoe and Tim, Paula LeDuc Fine Catering

Jason Mitchell, DJ Jason Mitchell, for his seamless coordination of the evening’s stage, sound and music

Elena Graham and Deb Castellana for sharing these beautiful photos

Kate, Cheryl, Ann, Frances, Jeff, and all the Staff & Volunteers, The Marine Mammal Center

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