“International Orange” at The Bay Model, Sausalito, California

After two years of remodeling & construction, which included the addition of 2,500 solar panels on the rooftop, and more, The Bay Model in Sausalito “re-opened” their doors on Saturday, February 25. Park Manager, Ms. Christanne Gallagher and her staff welcomed the residents of Sausalito, the greater Bay area, and regional, government dignitaries. Kate’s Blossoms had the honor of styling and designing flowers for the reception, featuring posies of “International Orange” the color of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Bay Model was originally built in two sections. Construction of the first section began in 1956 and concluded in 1959. Work on the remaining section began in 1966 and completed in 1969.

The Model is a three-dimensional hydraulic model of the San Francisco Bay and the Delta areas, capable of simulating tides and currents, and provides scientific data crucial for water management in the Bay Area. The Model is over 1.5 acres in size and represents an area from the Pacific Ocean to Sacramento and Stockton, including: the San Francisco, San Pablo and Suisun Bays and a portion of the Sacramento – San Joaquin Delta. The Bay Model is a remarkable, one of a kind teaching instrument for children and families, educators, and national and international public works and hazard specialists. Further, this site provides life protection and infrastructure, at the ready to assist with major disasters. And, their fleet of boats and scows provide debris removal from the greater San Francisco Bay, 365 days per year.

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