Marin Magazine – Floral Designs for the “Spring in Bloom” Fashion Shoot

Before the month of March slips by, we must share a report on the Bloomisphere, regarding a very excellent honor and achievement in our studio: the floral designs of Kate’s Blossoms were included on the March, 2012 cover of Marin Magazine! It was our second year helping the publisher, stylists, and photographer with the floral stylings at the Marin Magazine Spring Fashion shoot, this year, at the Marin Art and Garden Center.

The magazine described the shoot as such: “Spring in Bloom: Soft Pastels and bright florals adorn pieces with feminine flair…perfect for a sunny Marin garden party in the great outdoors.” We would agree.

Special thanks to the following folks: Publisher, Stephanie Ericson; Photographer, Ericka McConnell; Editor & Stylist, Veronica Sooley; Assistant Stylist, Leah-Marie; Anna, Bruce, Regina, and Magic the Cat, The Marin Art & Garden Center

A Post Script: All of us at the Kate’s Blossoms’ studio extend Special Congratulations to Anna, the staff, and the board at The Marin Art & Garden Center for their 2012 win as “Best Place for a Wedding” as confirmed by the readers of the Pacific Sun Magazine. Well done.

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