Beshert, in the Mayacamas Mountains

As shared with me the morning after her daughter’s wedding this past weekend, Barbara described our connecting, and our work together as “Beshert.” She helped define to me that this word is from ancient text, it’s a Yiddish term, and means “meant to be.” Our paths to one another, included paths between Novato and Glen Ellen, CA, Southworth, WA, New York City, and Australia. Our conversations and coordination, inspiring. The welcome extended by Barbara’s extended family to the Kate’s Blossoms group on wedding day and evening, will always be remembered in our hearts. We thank you, with joy and with gratitude.

Thanks also to following folks: The keepers of the wedding garden, MB & CS; my pure, eager and enthusiastic nieces, Mariah and Cheyanne for their help building our new Kate’s Chuppah; Catherine Venturini, Olive and Vine; Eileen, La Tavola (very fine) Linens.

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