City Hall Wedding, In the City and County of San Francisco

Timeless, elegant, classic, and beautiful are just a few words which come to mind when describing the loveliness of City Hall, San Francisco. These are also words I would pick to describe Janee and Daniel, who traveled from afar, to the City by the Bay, for their wedding weekend with family and friends. Continued love and happiness to you both. Special thanks to our friend, Nima Salimi, for sharing these endearing, wedding day images.

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2 Responses to City Hall Wedding, In the City and County of San Francisco

  1. Marisa...sister of the bride says:

    You truly have a gift! You not only made my sister’s dream arrangements come to life, but you were one of the most kind and attentive people we have ever met. Your work is amazing and truly unforgettable!

  2. Kelly...mother of the bride says:

    Thank you so much, Kate! With us being “out-of-towners” you were wonderful in ALL you did and created! It was important for Janee to not worry and to be able to enjoy her special day and you helped make it absolutely unforgettable for her and everyone who attended!

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