Back to The Bloomisphere…

Back to The Bloomisphere…

It’s a good day in the studio to work on a variety of tasks, it’s a day on which one can truly see the change of seasons in Northern California. The wet morning fog is now mixing it up with sunshine. The trees next to the studio are filled with migratory fly catchers, white breasted nuthatches, and brown creepers, seeking the best piece of lichen, the fattest bug they can muster. No radio music necessary with their songs filling the air. And tomorrow, on October 31, the official grape growing season concludes. The GDD (Growing Degree Days) summation between April 1 and October 31 has been used for some time, to predict the grapevine’s ability to mature a high yield crop. It sounds so scientific, and is, but I find something rather magical about grape science, aka viticulture, setting its two, pivotal marks between April Fool’s Day and Halloween. I think there is a sense of spirit happening here. It is also the day on which we shall get back to doing one of the most helpful things we can provide and share with our clients and friends: close up photos of our flowers, and how they look on site. So all can see. Our hope, so we may remember and celebrate the wonderful events we together styled. So we can help folks imagine and celebrate their future events. Below, just a few photos to start things off.

Cheers, Kathleen-Kate

Photo directly below, courtesy of Curtis Myers, Perfect Circle Photography. October, 2012, Simi Winery

Photo directly below, a Kate’s snapshot. A wedding reception at Wellington’s Wine Bar,… thank you Jeremy. Catered by the lovely and talented, Doug Eng, ITK Culinary, Sausalito

A big pop of corporate color at Cavallo Point in the Verbena Room

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