…Brilliant Botanicals and Floral Designs to Complement the Occasion, Season, Location and Recipient

I am frequently asked by the family, after the design of their event or wedding, if we “do other things besides large events.” If, we design and deliver flowers for smaller occasions, such as a holiday centerpieces, a bouquet for a loved one’s birthday, or a piece at a memorial service to honor and remember the passing of a loved one. The answer: Absolutely, we are a full service design studio, able to help with all occasions, grand or small. Our “floral arena” as many friends and family call our “operation” includes: an air conditioned design studio; a 10’ x 15’ walk in cooler, always, filled with fresh flowers and botanicals, sourced 2-4 times per week; 3 small buildings of props and vases, with a 4th being built; gardens planted with succulents, reeds, grasses, and heirloom flower varietals; plus or minus, 200 rolls of ribbon…my personal favorite feature! I have been collecting collections since I was about 4 years old. Imagine, finally having a career where this “calling” of collecting is so very applicable! Spoken by me weekly: “Uh, yea, I have a box of those we can use.” Adding to the mix in 2014, for our pastry chef, caterer and restaurant colleagues, pesticide free edible flowers including anise hyssop, calendula, and borage, and increased production of our hanging succulent gardens. It’s quite a lot, we are up to the task, and as I tell our clients, our work is a task of love. In sharing the details of our ever evolving studio operations, this floral journey,  always good to point out the things we cannot accommodate in our production: everlasting and silk designs; landscaping services, providing buckets of flowers, raw flowers so folks can design their own arrangements. We receive requests for each of these services. In these cases, we provide referrals for vendors who feature these services.

This post, long floating around in my head, is inspired by the clients we helped yesterday: a father ushering his son to and through his Bar Mitzvah; an artistic woman marrying in a simple, clean line ivory dress, so her bouquet structure may be livelier and not detract from her dress; a man who turned 50 years old yesterday and with his wife and 20 friends, celebrated the occasion with a cooking class; a small group of family and friends who said farewell to a loved one, as they departed from this time, to their next. All of our clients inspire and encourage me in many and individual ways. It is the latter, those saying farewell to a loved one, who: help keep my heart and mind open; to be present;to have patience; to seek wisdom and answers when they are not straightaway apparent; to find joy, be it leaping out at you like a tabby cat kitten, or hiding like the kitten’s mother, needing a rest from her young ones;  to live this life fully. I thank you for your trust in what I do. I thank you all for this continued opportunity and journey with the flowers.

Fondly, Kate

For the Bride – Fair Bianca roses, veronica, and a profusion of grasses and reeds from our cutting garden


 ITK Culinary, version 2Cooking Class, ITK Culinary, Sausalito, CA

Mazel Tov!

Bar Mitzvah

Unable are the loved to die.  For love is immortality.  ~Emily Dickinson


Red Spray Roses and Twigs


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